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Benjamin ThedonkeySometimes humor is the best medicine! Benjamin brings humor to doom with his doom-tinged poetry. He’s a frequent contributor to Extinction Radio and the NTHE FB group and you can buy his poetry books on Amazon.

Carolyn Baker: Carolyn’s mission is to “create islands of sanity in a sea of global chaos” and she has a number of tools for combatting climate change depression such as her book “Extinction Dialogs: How to Live with Death in Mind”.

Deb Ozarko: Deb has some wonderful, positive interviews on her site which can help people “to comprehend these confusing times from a perspective grounded in mental clarity.” Her mission is “is to inspire a movement of cultural revolutionaries.”

Meteorologist Nick Humphrey: Nick is a meteorologist who discusses the increasing extreme weather events our world is facing in the context of abrupt climate change. Recently he has posted that his writing will transition more into the “how do we deal with this information” in addition to what’s actually happening (discussing the symptoms of climate change and the future) because he has found that writing about these topics has tended to impact him in a negative manner. You can follow him on Patreon.

Near Term Human Extinction SUPPORT group: The Near Term Human Extinction SUPPORT group on Facebook is a closed group which aims to provide a forum for “friendly and non-threatening discussion for people who have accepted that human extinction is inevitable in the near term due to anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and the consequences, based on trends determined by scientific research.”

Near Term Human Extinction LOVE / Wendy Bandurski: Wendy Bandurski is the creator and maintainer of the Near Term Human Extinction LOVE group on Facebook. This is a closed group for those “wanting to connect with others who understand the probability and inevitability of Near Term Human Extinction.”